Gitbi Kwon was born in 1992 in Ulsan, South Korea. After graduating from Ulsan Arts High School, she studied composition at the Keimyung University College of Music in Daegu (with Cheol-Ha Park, Mu-Seoh Kim, Prof. Eun-Hwa Cho). She then continued her studies with Prof. Gordon Kampe in Hamburg and earned her master’s degree with top marks. In the course of her studies, the cultural understanding was important to her and she was particularly interested in conveying the essential meaning of traditional Korean culture and aesthetics in her own way through her music. Therefore, she actively exchanged ideas with the Department of Korean Traditional Music at Seoul National University. In addition, her artistic work “Orgelpunkt: Rieger Organ St. Martin Kassel” was produced on CD. Also, Kwon received a grant from the DAAD, Swiss Mobility as well as support from the Schüller-Stiftung. During her master’s degree she also spent a semester abroad with Caspar Johannes Walter at the University of Music in Basel, Switzerland. There she studied with Prof. Walter and Prof. Johannes Kreidler in the Master’s programme ‘Specialized Musical Performance and Composition’.


Her works have been performed collectively in South Korea and Europe with Ensemble Handwerk, Ensemble Names, Ensemble Delirium and kinnect-kollectiv. Her pieces have been selected by the International Contemporary Music Festival in Daegu South Korea, the National Composition Music Festival in Ulsan South Korea, and the 2022 Younghi Pagh-Paan International Composition Prize.